About us

Bharatiyatech Innovative Solutions & Research (BISR)

In today's technology-driven world, the ability to understand best usability of latest technology, devices, computer and internet including Network technology is a real challenge in front of any common man as now it’s more of digital war then a war field on ground, all the organization across the country are in the process of upgrading the skill set and resources of its work force to let them face the technology war front in the world of cyber warfare. To sense the technological change, Bharatiyatech Innovative Solutions & Research (BISR) Private Limited comes into a shape by a well experienced group of technocrats to make their contributions towards digital globalization through their continuous research, experiences, innovative ideas and solutions.

BISR team understands that “Innovation bridges new ideas with activity that provides improved products, processes and services to meet the needs of society”.

The ability to generate and accept new ideas, processes and solutions, and conversion of knowledge into social good and economic wealth trough the process of innovation is the crux of overall progress of an organization. Today, innovation is being viewed as the essential approach towards inclusive growth in our organization.

The term ‘Innovation’ is what we understand in the context of scientific research as new or modified technology to improve to performance of products and processes. And it’s also referred in the context of improving the performance of ‘Organizations’.

BISR team working principle believes in these two statements as the vision of the organization

“Innovation is not the product of logical thoughts, although the result is tied to logical structure”.

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship, that act that endows resources with new capacity to create wealth”.

The emerging concept of innovation requires on one hand source of new ideas that can be used in improving the performance of products and on the other a system that can then make better performing products available to users.